The Story about-icon-2

Our story of 3 African Sisters comes from the African custom where extended families are referred to as Sisters and brothers. Rwanda is bordered by Burundi to the south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. These were all once one land.

We source our green beans from these three countries – Rwanda, Burundi and the DR Congo. Today the Speciality green coffee from each of these origins are distinctive in their aromas and flavours.

It is very common for a Rwandese family to have Sisters residing in these neighbouring countries. Like Sisters from one mother they too were separated each developing their own unique qualities, hence the story 3 African Sisters.

Our Beginning about-icon-2

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. Not something to wish for, but to attain."
- William Jennings Bryan

In July of 2009, I signed the deal, which would mean a new beginning not only for Rwandex, Gisenyi, but also for my wife, two children and myself.

After having been violently attacked in our home in Johannesburg South Africa, I knew it was time to leave everything behind,to re invent myself and begin a new chapter. In a subconscious way perhaps I found solace in a country, which too was healing from a violent past. In 1996 I had the courage and spirit of adventure to build together with my Rwandese friend and partner, the first Gorilla Hotel in Kiyovu Kigali. Now years later it was time to come back and to begin a fresh, this time with my family.

I had spent years in the diamond business sorting the best diamonds and now found myself wanting to do the same in the coffee business. Our vision was to build a brand for the Speciality Coffee market here in Rwanda, a country rich in coffee that lacked the coffee culture. The brand had to be a positive symbol for Rwanda.

Making Rwanda our home, I wanted to be able to watch the communities we would work with, enjoy the benefits they would derive from the fruits of their own hard work. Our aim was to create a brand, that encompassed the energy, passion and drive of the Rwanda in which we were living. It was to be a brand reflecting what we stood for and believed in - Respect, hard work and a drive towards excellence.

This has not been an easy journey but a rewarding one. With every new sunrise there are new opportunities, new possibilities, new choices.


Our Story

Living here in Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills and incredible coffee, we created the 3 African Sisters brand, as we wanted a coffee that portrayed Rwanda and its people for who and what they are today, a positive light and rising star, going forward with strength. - We wanted a coffee that told a story, a coffee with a purpose. Our coffee represents the heart, soul, and determination of the Rwandese people in this tiny oasis in the heart of Africa.

I chose the face of women as our brand image, as I found it has been the women here in Rwanda, who have played such a fundamental part and have been instrumental in changing the image of this incredible country, from one of hate to one of hope.

With an ethos of building a sustainable business, one of respect, integrity and solid relationships, I hope to contribute to the daily lives of all the people with whom I work.

~ Tanya



Faustin - Agronomist and Quality control